Communication Script Assembly Instructions

During any flight, whether a pilot is doing touch and go’s in the pattern or a long cross-country, he or she will have to communicate with ATC, other aircraft in the air, and possibly aircraft while on the ground. Therefore, having prepared some form of a communications 'script', BEFORE departing, goes a long way toward making your aviation communications exchanges clear and effective. The VFR or IFR Communication Kits make it easy for you to construct an aviation communications script, for a flight of any length.

The templates included in the VFR and the IFR Communication Kits allow VFR and IFR pilots to construct a unique communication script for every VFR or IFR flight, regardless of its complexity or the number of communications required.

To construct your VFR or IFR communications script, complete the following five steps.

1. Identify the types of airspace that surrounds your starting airport, your route, all landing airports en-route, and your final destination airport.

2. Determine what types of communications will most likely occur entering and exiting each airspace.

3. Take out the necessary blank templates that match your flight plan and assemble them in the correct sequence.

4. Fill in as much information on each template as you can before departing.

5. Practice the communications script several times, perhaps with a colleague or friend.

Once in the plane, the communications script becomes akin to 'note-cards for a speech.' In short, the script is useful for writing down relevant ATC information for quick reference before performing a "read back" correctly and efficiently. After a while, the number references to the templates will decrease. At that point you will know that the Kit has helped you perform your flight communications "like a veteran pilot.



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