Potential Users
Pilot Reminder Stickers: VFR Comprehensive Set
Pilot Reminder Stickers: Do Not Use - Inoperative Set
Pilot Reminder Stickers: Close Your Flight Plan Set

1. Student Pilots:
There is so much to remember when you start learning to fly. These memory aids will help you quickly learn those things you may have trouble remembering.

2. Inactive Pilots:

"If you don't use it, you lose it," is a famous saying that is so true. Use one or more of the memory aids to get you back flying with confidence sooner than you expect.

3. Active Pilots:

The cockpit is a busy place! Use one or more of the stickers for those things you just don't want to forget to do.

4. CFIs and Ground School Instructors:

Every student has something they tend to forget to do, or have trouble doing well. Use this collection of memory aides as a reminder resource for your students.

5. Flight Schools

With the high turnover of CFI's, it is important to have some memory aid resources that can help new CFI's become effective instructors sooner rather than later.

6. FBO's

If you rent aircraft, the memory aids are useful for enforcing your company's particular flying or aircraft concerns in the pilot's mind.

7. Pilot Supply Shops

Pilots are always looking for inexpensive and effective tools to help keep their flying skills current.



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