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A.  IPO: INPUT -- PROCESSING -- OUTPUT is the basic way humans, computer

      hardware, and computer software are constructed to solve problems.

 B.  PURPOSE:  Having a general idea as to what the software package will do.

   1.  What is the STARTUP procedure?

            a.  Know the product you want.

            b.  Discover the "local" computer environment steps that must be taken
                  to get the computer to the point where the needed program can be

            c.  Discover what particular steps are necessary to get to the data entry
                 point of the software program.  Usually it will be a main menu or
                 blank data entry screen.

   2.  What is the INPUT procedure?

            a.  Remember the goal of the program.

            b.  If no input structure is needed, just start entering the data.

            c.  If an input data structure must be created, first create the input
                 structure, then enter the data.

   3.  What is the SAVE procedure? (One of the following will apply).

            a.  Save for the First Time:  Most programs give a new file a default
                 name and drive location.  You will probably want to find out the steps
                 to override these defaults.

            b.  Save and Continue: Do this to keep an interruption of power from
                  causing your data entered from being lost.

            c.  Save and Begin New: Do this when you wish to stop working on one
                 project and begin another project which requires the same software

            d.  Save and Quit the program.: Do this when you wish to stop working
                 on one program  and want to quit for the day, or start using another
                 type of program.

   4.  What is the RETRIEVE procedure?

            a.  Depending on where you are in a program, Microsoft Windows, or at
                 a DOS prompt will determine how much of the startup procedure for
                 a program you will have to do.

            b.  Once you get to the main data entry point of the program, you will
                  then look for the steps necessary to recall the data file you wish to

   5.  What is the OUTPUT procedure?

            a.  Since output will most often be to a printer, you should check to
                 make sure the hardware (computer and printer) are physically 
                 connected and ready to work.

            b.  Some software packages require that you specify what type of
                 printer you plan to use.  Usually this action is done only once, since
                 the local setup doesn't often change.

            c.  Discover the "print preview" option in your program and use it.

            d.  Follow the print steps outlined in the program's reference manual or
                 on the screen.



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